How to play basketball and impress your pals with mad skills

Basketball Fundamentals; How To Take ...

jump pass
More Basketball Fundamentals I am still covering some of the basic basketball fundamentals that you need to know about. I want to talk about things like layups and other techniques such as the tear drop. Layups in basketball; A layup is usually a two point attempt made by leaping from below, laying the ball up near the basket, and using one [...]

The Basketball Free Throw

basketball freethrow
Here Is All You Need To Know About The Basketball Freethrow Free throws or foul shots in the game of basketball are unopposed attempts to score points from a restricted area on the court (the free throw line is also informally referred to as the foul line), and are generally awarded after a foul on the shooter by the opposing team. Each succe [...]

Static Stretches

Static Stretches
Static Stretches And How They Should Be Done Static stretches are very important to do before a workout, more so in this case, a vertical jump exercise. I had started to explain a little bit more about static stretches in my previous post, so if you did not read it or missed out, click here to see it. Today, i want to focus on the list of st [...]

How To Play Basketball

How To Play Basketball Secrets Exposed How To Play Basketball Blog; Welcome to this basketball blog where i will venture to keep you informed on how to play basketball effectively and also various basketball rules so that you can improve your skills and techniques in the game and also be your own NBA champion wherever you are. If you have n [...]

How To Play Basketball Between Two Pe...

How To Play Basketball Between Two People
How To Play Basketball Between Two People As you probably know by now, basketball is a game that is played by a number of people, although there are various combinations of how to play the game for example a “one on one”game is usually a variation of basketball that uses half of the basketball court. It is played by two people the [...]

Basketball Moves-Dribbling

Basketball Moves-Dribbling
The Intrigues Of Dribbling In Basketball Dribbling in basketball is bouncing the ball continuously in one hand without ever holding the ball with two hands. It is required during the game before a player attempts to shoot the ball at the rim or pass it to a teammate.. Here are some basketball moves that you can perform while dribbling; Cro [...]

Exercises To Increase Vertical Jump

Exercises To Increase Vertical Jump
Exercises To Increase Vertical Jump There are various exercises to increase vertical jump that you can implement to improve your basketball, volleyball or netball game performance. It is however very important that before you embark on any of these workouts, you ensure that your muscles are all warmed up well and prepared for them. Foam rol [...]

3 Hot Triple Threat Moves In Basketba...

chest pass
How To Play Basketball Using 3 Cool Triple Threat Moves Hello there! Today i want to cover more moves you can use to play basketball. These will be triple threat moves that are usually employed during the game. So what is Triple Threat? This is the position a player finds himself/herself facing a defender after receiving a pass but has not [...]


Basketball – I Love This Game! Basketball; Basketball is a marvelous game that involves 5 people playing against each other. By that i mean that a team of 5 people play against another team of 5 people. It is also one of the most popular games in the world. The main objective of this game is to shoot a ball into a hoop that is 18 inches [...]

Basketball Post Moves That You Should...

blind pass
Here Are Basketball Post Moves That You Should Be Unleashing On The Court Today i want to share more basketball skills that will incorporate Basketball post moves that you should be unleashing on the court. So What does a “post up” mean ? To “post up” is to get a position in the low post which is the area near the ba [...]