Static Stretches And How They Should Be Done

Static stretches are very important to do before a workout, more so in this case, a vertical jump exercise. I had started to explain a little bit more about static stretches in my previous post, so if you did not read it or missed out, click here to see it.

Today, i want to focus on the list of static stretches that are available for you to do under my recommendation;

1. Psoas Stretch; This is a vital type of stretch that targets the psoas. Stretching the psoas lessens resistance during hip extension (a vertical jump movement). This is how you can do it properly.

- Assume the lunge positionpsoas stretch
- Tighten the back glute
- Drive your hips forward
- Lean back and twist
- Create the hip angle you seen in
this picture.
- Hold the position for 20 seconds.
- You will feel the pull through your
groin and over the front of your hip.

Watch the Video clip below to get more ways that you can use to target the Psoas.

2. Anterior tibialis stretch; The Anterior Tibialis stretch is another fantastic way to perform a warm up before a vertical jump workout. Stretching the anterior tibialis lessens
resistance when you drive flex your calf. To do it well, follow the instructions below;

- Sit on your heels.anterior tibialis stretch
- Lean slightly back
- Feel the stretch through your shins.
- Hold for 20 seconds.



You can also follow the step by step  instructions as shown in the video below

3. Abdominal stretch; This type of stretch facilitates spinal retro flexion (bending backwards) as well as stretching the psoas and activating the glutes.

- Start from lying on the ground.abdominal stretch
- Place your palms above your head.
- Contract your body into position.
- Hold for 15 seconds.


Watch the video below for more ways to perform this type of stretch

It is important to note that when performing the stretches above, do not allow your body to cool down.

4. Lats Stretch; Stretching your lats will loosen the muscles that restrict upward reach. Follow the instructions below for a successful Lats stretch.

- Stand perfectly straightlat stretch
- Bring one hand behind you head.
- Use your other hand to pull the arm
in the opposite direction.
- Feel the pull on your side (lats).
- Hold for 20 seconds.


5. Trap Contractions; This type of stretch activates the muscles that left the shoulders and arms and allow you to reach higher.

- Place your arms in the position pictured here.trap stretch
- Squeeze your arms together and contract your
trapezius muscles (muscles around your neck)
- Pull your shoulders upwards and together and
reach higher in the air.
- Hold for 20 seconds.



If you execute all the stretches above , following the instructions step by step as i have provided, you will reduce incidences of injury and also activate dormant muscles in preparation before your vertical jump workout. In my next post, i will be focusing on the importance of form in the exercise and how you can ensure that you have proper form all through the workout. All pictures that have been used in this post are courtesy of the Jump Manual program. This is a comprehensive workout done by Jacob W. Hiller, who is a certified basketball trainer and has also been featured on ESPN. To start increasing your vertical leap with this revolutionary program, click here.

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